Books by Mary Beth Shaw

Flavor for Mixed Media

Here is My Book. I love it, I mean what would you expect me to say. But seriously, if I hadn't written it, I would buy this book. Really. And I am kinda picky. But it's got things that have never been included in other books. Such as lots of claybord techniques. And fabulous guest artists - like Misty Mawn & Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise. And projects. And eye candy photos, 250 in color! And recipes, yep, for food.  Purchase Flavor for Mixed Media HERE or HERE.

Stencil Girl 

Stencil Girl Mixed Media Techniques for Making and Using Stencils "Ah yes, the second book is here!!! It is all stencils in every manifestation I could conjure up, along with gallery work from 20+ contributing artists. Mixing mediums like crazy, I work with fabric, clay, wood, canvas, paint, and even.......cupcakes! If you love stencils like I love stencils, you will be thrilled by all the ways to use them. And if you are new to stencils, get ready to open the door to a brand new world of delicious mixed media." Stencil Girl can be purchased HERE or HERE.