Mary Beth Shaw.....

artist, author, workshop instructor........seeker.

Mary Beth Shaw worked in the insurance industry for 18 years before she quit her job in 2000 to re-ignite a childhood love of art.  She is now a full time painter and internationally known workshop instructor. Her creative process is largely self taught, spontaneous and joyful. She is author of  Flavor for Mixed Media and Stencil Girl , both published by F&W and is also a columnist for Somerset Studios Magazine. 

In 2010, Mary Beth recognized a need for 'artist designed' stencils and created StencilGirl Products, which has quickly grown into a respected supplier of high quality stencils for all media. Living with her husband and three cats, Mary Beth is passionate about every moment of life. 


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Books by Mary Beth Shaw

flavor for mixed media.JPG

Flavor for Mixed Media

Here is My Book. I love it, I mean what would you expect me to say. But seriously, if I hadn't written it, I would buy this book. Really. And I am kinda picky. But it's got things that have never been included in other books. Such as lots of claybord techniques. And fabulous guest artists - like Misty Mawn & Katie Kendrick and Judy Wise. And projects. And eye candy photos, 250 in color! And recipes, yep, for food. 

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Stencil Girl 

Stencil Girl Mixed Media Techniques for Making and Using Stencils "Ah yes, the second book is here!!! It is all stencils in every manifestation I could conjure up, along with gallery work from 20+ contributing artists. Mixing mediums like crazy, I work with fabric, clay, wood, canvas, paint, and even.......cupcakes! If you love stencils like I love stencils, you will be thrilled by all the ways to use them. And if you are new to stencils, get ready to open the door to a brand new world of delicious mixed media."